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To complicate matters, some genuine Shelley pieces have no backstamp at all, for example salt and pepper shakers. Bruce Sandie and the Australasian club for their generous assistance in providing research and artwork necessary to the creation of this page.

The UK Club has an extensive discussion of backstamps which they have shared with us.

These Worminghurst or Castle Goring Shelleys are of the same stock as the Michelgrove Shelleys, who trace up to Sir William Shelley, judge of the common pleas under Henry VII, then to a member of parliament in 1415, and to the reign of Edward I, or even to the epoch of the Norman Conquest.

The Worminghurst branch was a family of credit, but not of special distinction, until its fortunes culminated under the above-named Sir Bysshe.

He grew up in the country, in the village Broadbridge Heath, just outside of West Sussex.

He learned to fish and hunt in the meadows surrounding his home, often surveying the rivers and fields with his cousin and good friend Thomas Medwin.

This page shows many of the known backstamps which were used by the Wileman family potteries to include predecessor companies such as Elkin Knight: forth below are some of the most common backstamps used on Fine Bone China and miniatures.

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Wares produced in the new works were labelled with unique backstamps.

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