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One group of teen 'outsiders', known as Emos, and who primarily use the Internet to connect with like-minded others, seems to be particularly at risk of suicide and suicidal behaviour such as self harming.

According to a 2012 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) study that analysed the content of “Emo” teenage groups on Facebook they found there is indeed a connection between teen use of social media and the 'glamourisation' of suicidal behavior.

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The Daily Mail called it a “sinister cult” and warned it was threatening a generation, while emos themselves, clad in black, their fringes hung over vacant stares, were persecuted the same way the goth and mosher subcultures were – only with a little more ridicule. It was cool (in a sort of anti-cool way) to be 16, wear spray-on tight black jeans and obsess over the romance of death and unrequited love.

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