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Titus was raised in a dysfunctional family: his father was an alcoholic and his mother had a history of mental illness, suffering from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. So we'd go out on Sunday, you know, and just be hanging out, then he'd, like, pick a guy, and we'd just go beat the crap out of that guy as a team.

Juanita Titus was eventually arrested for killing her second husband in 1986, but was declared not guilty because of her mental disorder. Christopher had alcohol and drug problems, until one day when he was drunk he fell into a bonfire at a party. After I fought my dad, all of a sudden we're buddies now.

Christopher Titus: No, there used to be a club that’s still there—Cap City Comedy Club—I played a bunch of times.

The only time I’ve ever had an audience member come over a table and want to fight me actually [laughs] [was at Cap City].

Christopher adopts a style that flirts with the provocative limit, but based on his years of personal experiences, and debuted his one man show “Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding” at the Hudson Theatre in Los Angeles.

To begin with, Christopher’s parents Kenneth and Juanita Titus divorced when he was six years old and it was his father who had custody of Christopher.

However, Titus could go see his mother occasionally. Whatever town my mother moved to, the second she walked into town, she would instantly attract the alpha loser of that town.

He was taken to the hospital where the doctor told him he would have died.

Then, he radically changed his life and engaged in comedy.

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This made his future in question, and so was sent to live with his grandparents but ran away to live with his father when he was only 12.

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