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Gigi, who started by filming makeup tutorials as Gregory Gorgeous in 2008, appears to live a glamorous life on You Tube and Instagram, with lavish vacations, custom-made gowns, and photos with celebrities like Katy Perry, but she isn't without her own struggles. But I feel like, you won't be able to really feel the outpouring love and positivity of the highs if you don't feel the lows," said told us.

She said she wanted to make “videos of me making fings and other fun stuffs.” “Who will watch them? ” Honestly, I thought I had more time before we had the talk — you know, the “Why You Can’t Have a You Tube Channel” conversation. But my daughter is a member of Generation Alpha, which is defined as children born after 2010.” I asked, thinking her answer would be her grandmothers or cousins. And for this generation, Wi-Fi is oxygen and data plans are as necessary as milk.Try explaining to anyone under the age of 7 why there isn’t internet at great-grandma’s house and you’ll understand.Not only is his own You Tube channel still accessible, Jibril’s sermons have been shared by countless fan pages and have accumulated millions of views. You Tube has clear policies prohibiting terrorist recruitment and content intending to incite violence, and we act quickly to remove flagged videos violating these policies.We also terminate accounts run by terrorist organisations or those that repeatedly violate our policies.

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