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Chapter 16: Entering the Palace, Diagnosis Even if the subject in question was a method from the heavens, there was nothing he could not understand, not with his breadth of knowledge.

Throw your head back over and place chunks where desired.

Still, he really had only practiced the method on and off for six times. Practicing such a method as basic as this one didn’t require any particular thought on Jiang Chen’s behalf.

Not only could he easily understand many martial dao mysteries that would even occur to others, but could improve upon, in spades, any flawed or incomplete methods.

I’ve clung to the memory of what you feel like around me.” He runs the back of his hand down my cheek, then lovingly traces the line of my jaw with a knuckle.

Those fevered words ratchet my desire to unbearable levels and when he throws me onto the bed with a predatory glint in the steel of his stare, I feel like it’s Christmas – only I’m overwhelmed by choice.

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