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After a month with the rather delightful Huawei P9, last week I decided it was time to do my due diligence and give another Android flagship smartphone a try.

The two most prominent candidates for me were Samsung's Galaxy S7 and HTC's 10, and since I figure many other people might be facing the same dilemma, I thought I'd share with you my process for making the decision. When you look at Samsung and HTC's spec sheets, you'll find a ton of overlap.

In Motion's lack of Windows servers and a few other minor issues prevent it from reaching the heights of Dream Host, Host Gator, and Hostwinds, the overall PCMag Editors' Choices for web hosting services, however.

In Motion offers three Linux-based shared web hosting plans.

Budget Android phones usually have one great thing about them.

That’s because manufacturers can’t afford to push each spec to the limit like they can with premium devices, so rather than just aim for an overall mediocre but inexpensive device, they choose one element of the device to shine above the others.

After spending a few weeks with the phone, I found that both what I most anticipated and dreaded about this device turned out to be slightly misguided notions.

Unlimited email, domains, websites, and My SQL databases are included, too.The most basic, Launch (.99 per month with an annual subscription), supports two websites and up to six domains.Power (.99 per month with an annual subscription) nets you six websites and up to 26 domains, while Pro (.99 per month with an annual subscription) offers unlimited websites and unlimited domains.For the LG X Power and LG X Power 2, for instance, that element was the battery — a 4,100m Ah pack in the first generation and 4,500m Ah on the second, allowing for multiple days of life. With a rear-facing 23-megapixel shooter features a f/2.0 aperture, 24mm wide-angle lens and hybrid autofocus, the phone stands out from its peers at a similar price point.At least on paper, you aren’t about to find any device as impressively specced-out in the camera department for 0 CAD.

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